Arm Lift

shutterstock_136004678If you have had little or no success at getting rid of extra skin around your upper arm area, then an arm lift is the perfect solution for you! Every once in a while, exercise and diet alone are not enough to fix the problem. This is why Artisan Plastic Surgery is here to help. We make all of that excess skin disappear quickly when you book an arm lift procedure with Dr. Schneider in Joliet. Our patients feel more confident with their body and wear the clothes they want to wear with pride!

Am I a Candidate for an Arm Lift Procedure?

Although more details are provided below about the procedure, the best way to find out if it is suitable for you, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schneider. She can talk you through the process and help you make an informed decisions including going over your treatment options.

How an Arm Lift Procedure is performed

An arm lift is a unique procedure that involves removing skin and tissue from the upper arm area and then tightening the remaining skin to achieve a slim smooth finish. An arm lift is accomplished by using surgical techniques that result in thin sexy arms. Oftentimes, if there is too much excess fat in the upper arm, a patient might benefit from liposuction in conjunction with an arm lift to achieve the desired look.


How We Can Help You

Here at Artisan Plastic Surgery, we want to ensure that you make the right choice and your optimal satisfaction with the procedure is our only goal. Whatever your cosmetic desires may be, we strive to make it a reality. When you choose to have a consultation with Dr. Schneider, your questions and concerns will be the main focus during that time. If your upper arms are afflicted with loose excess skin, an arm lift in Joliet can help you get the results you have always wanted. If you are interested in receiving an arm lift procedure from Artisan Plastic Surgery, please contact us for a consultation and be on your way to living more confidently!