Body Lift

shutterstock_131719940After losing weight, going through a pregnancy, or simply aging, excessive loose skin can become a big problem. Making your body into its best natural shape is a lot of work, but a body lift can make this happen much faster. Dr. Schneider at Artisan Plastic Surgery has the skills, experience and proper training necessary to ensure you meet your ideal goals.

A body lift is especially helpful to patients looking to begin the next leg of their weight loss journey. Post-bariatric surgery patients often struggle with loose skin, pockets of cellulite, or a lack of proper elasticity. Sometimes, these are the problems that diet and exercise cannot fix. Getting a body lift in Joliet is a great start to once and for all solve your specific problem.

How is Body Lift Procedure Performed?

The term “body lift” describes various procedures that were developed to assist patients in ridding themselves of excess loose skin. Particularly after significant weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity over time, which causes it to hang loosely off of the body. Although this rarely poses health concerns for patient, it can cause various problems and discomfort. More importantly, the loose skin can have an extremely negative psychological effect on a patient, especially on a weight loss client. Feeling bad about the way you look is something that no person deserves to feel. Our body lift procedures are intended to give you a sense of control over your confidence!

There are several types of body lift procedures and they may be performed together as a combination or separately. Everything depends on the client, their health, and what their overall expectations are regarding the final result.

Get Help Today

Staying fit, getting healthy and losing weight are all incredible feelings that everyone should experience. Struggling with loose skin and stubborn cellulite can be emotionally draining, especially if you’ve worked hard to get back to where you once were. If you are looking for help with your problem areas and have discovered that diet and exercise alone are not going to fix your issues, then you must contact Dr. Schneider of Artisan Plastic Surgery to discuss a Body Lift in Joliet, IL today!