Liposuction in Orland

If you are considering undergoing liposuction, you will want to know what to do to prepare, what to expect during the procedure, and how to take care of yourself after the procedure. Dr. Susan Schneider in Orland will have specific guidelines to add, depending on the specific outcomes that you want.


Before Your Procedure

The first step towards scheduling your liposuction procedure is to have a complete physical examination. In this exam, your physician will determine if you are an eligible flat-tummycandidate for liposuction. Be sure to mention any medications you are taking including over-the-counter (OTC), herbal, and prescription medications). Talk about your expectations and goals for choosing liposuction. Ask any questions you have to be sure you are a good match for the procedure.


During Your Procedure in Orland

Once your procedure day arrives, it is important not to drive yourself to and from the appointment in Orland, IL. Rather, have someone you trust on call to take care of you that day and evening prior to surgery. Dr. Schneider will use a pen to mark the areas to be treated. Depending on the specific procedure, you may have local or general anesthesia. During the process, you will be receiving fluids through an I.V. while fat and fluids are suctioned out in the designated areas. After the procedure you will be monitored until you are ready to go home to begin the healing process.


After Your Procedure

Once you are back home, rest is essential to healing. You will wear compression garments for a time in the specific area where your procedure was done. You may also take an antibiotic and pain medication to speed healing. By following Dr. Schneider’s instructions, you are ensured a full and timely recovery.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Susan Schneider in Orland for a consultation and to answer any specific question you may have about your body.