Tummy Tuck in Orland

Who Can Have a Tummy Tuck in Orland?

If you have loose skin on the tummy area after losing weight that makes wearing particular types of clothing difficult, consider an abdominoplasty procedure. Dr. Susan Schneider is an experienced plastic surgeon assisting patients in Orland, who understands how to perform tummy tuck procedures to change a patient’s appearance. A tummy tuck is an appropriate treatment for a male or female with an overall slender figure with strong muscle tissue. Females considering this surgical procedure should avoid having more children after an abdominoplasty because pregnancy tends to stretch the skin located on the abdomen.


Benefits of Abdominoplasty Procedures

Dr. Schneider believes it is important for patients to stop smoking several weeks before the surgical procedure to reduce the possibility of complications from anesthesia liposuction1while improving the skin’s healing process. Most individuals selecting a tummy tuck procedure are women who have had several children causing the tissue layers of the abdomen to loosen creating an unattractive appearance while wearing revealing swimwear. Males and females who have had significant weight loss also undergo abdominoplasty to remove sections of skin. Tummy tucks provide physical benefits for patients such as eliminating back pain from layers of hanging excess skin.


Importance of Realistic Expectations

There are also mental benefits for patients from this plastic surgery including improving self-esteem. However, it is important for patients to understand there is always scarring after this surgical procedure that is often noticeable. Individuals who have problems with maintaining weight will often have a poor outcome as the skin will begin to loosen again from fat deposits. Each person heals differently from abdominoplasty due to age, heredity and physical condition. It is important to have realistic expectations after a tummy tuck while understanding the healing process can take several weeks.