Breast Augmentation in Orland

If you’re looking to enhance your breast size, improve the shape or firmness, breast augmentation is the right choice. With breast augmentation surgery, you can have the breasts you’ve always wanted, while keeping them looking natural.

How Does Breast Augmentation work in Orland?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to insert breast implants and enhance the size and shape of your breasts. The procedure is unique for every woman, and Dr.boobs1 Schneider in Orland will take into account your goals, breast tissue, frame and body size to create breasts that are enhanced while keeping your body natural and proportioned.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Just about any woman who wants to improve the size volume or shape of her breasts is a possible candidate for breast augmentation. Most women are around 35 years old, but ages range from 18 to 60. It is great for correcting sagginess, loss of volume, asymmetry and lack of proportion. Other factors that make a good candidate include:


• You are mentally and physically healthy

• You are able to clearly explain why you want this procedure

• You have realistic expectations

• You understand and accept the risks of this procedure


The Procedure

Depending on your needs and wants, the procedure may vary, such as whether the breast implant is placed beneath your breast tissue or muscle and the type of implant and incision. Your doctor will discuss this, in detail, before the procedure. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia. You will need someone to take you home after the procedure and remain with you for 24 hours. You can usually return to normal daily activities within one or two days. More vigorous activities may be resumed once Dr. Schneider gives her approval depending how timely the recovery period is.

If you are interested in breast augmentation contact Dr. Susan Schneider at Artisan Plastic Surgery in Orland, IL.