Brow Lift

To look younger and fresher, many women turn to various products that promise to remove frown lines, forehead creases and sagging brows. When all else fails, the best option is to go in for a brow lift surgery. This procedure can remove the effects of fatigue and age on the skin between the eyebrows or at the top of the eyes. Take advantage of our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schneider of Artisan Plastic Surgery, by booking a brow lift in Joliet.

What is a Brow Lift?

shutterstock_137492906Brow lift, otherwise referred to as forehead lift, eradicates the marks of stress, aging and fatigue. Through the brow lift surgery, the brow’s elevation is increased and the areas surrounding the eyes appear rejuvenated, making patients look more youthful. Through brow lift surgery, patients can look forward to reduced visibility of forehead creases, a decrease in frown lines between brows and better vision for patients who suffer from obstructed vision due to low lying brows.

To date there are 2 kinds of brow lift procedures. The endoscopic method and the traditional method. Both procedures have a similar outcome, but most patients opt for endoscopic brow lifts as the recovery time is quicker and it is not as invasive as traditional brow lift surgeries.

To achieve a facial makeover which is more comprehensive, the Silhouette Lift technique would be an ideal choice. This facial enhancement can eradicate moderate to mild signs of aging through the use of minimal invasive techniques.

Should You Undergo Brow Lift Surgery?

A good candidate for brow lift surgery can be determined by meeting one of the below problems:

  • Have a brow position that is asymmetric or low lying
  • Have an obstructed vision especially when looking up due to the brow’s position
  • Have fine lines and deep creases on top of the nose bridge and across one’s forehead

To decide whether to go through a brow lift surgery or not, it would be best to meet with Dr Schneider for an initial consultation to discuss the options that best suit your needs.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure

Revolutionary endoscopic brow lift procedures are performed by making a 3-5 inch incision in a hidden location near the hairline. A small scope containing a video camera is then inserted under the skin. Through this camera, the surgical field is projected on a monitor to perform the procedure with precision. Tiny instruments are then used by Dr. Schneider in removing muscles that cause wrinkles as well as excessive skin around the brow and forehead. Residual scars are so tiny that they are no longer visible.

In most cases, brow lift is an out-patient surgery that can be performed in 1-2 hours.


Recovering From Brow Lift Surgery

In most cases, patients can resume normal routines in 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Post-surgery swelling and bruising is normal but it fades in about two weeks. Your head should stay elevated for several days after surgery to help reduce swelling. To prevent eye dryness while sleeping, an eye ointment is provided and should be used multiple times a day following the procedure. For 1-2 weeks after surgery, activities that cause eye strain such as watching TV, reading and computer work should be kept at a minimum.

Results of Brow Lift in Joliet, IL

Significant changes can be immediately noticed after the brow lift surgery. Optimal results become more visible 2-3 months after the procedure has taken place. To get started, schedule a brow lift consultation with Dr. Schneider today by calling Artisan Plastic Surgery.