At Last, an Effective Treatment for Cellulite

Butt Lift picMany people believe that cellulite is a problem with excess fat that can be managed through proper exercise and diet. They would be surprised to learn that cellulite has nothing to do with fat, and is actually caused by problems with the structure of the tissue below the skin.

Cellulaze, a Cynosure product, is unique in that it acts directly upon those problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite. This simple minimal-invasive procedure, is performed by Dr. Schneider to thicken the skin in order to produce a healthy smoother look.

The Science Behind Cellulaze

There are many different factors that lead to cellulite such as hormones, age, DNA, and even sudden weight changes. These various factors can stiffen the layers of connective tissue under the skin and squeeze the fat cells out that push against the skin, causing the distinctive puffy or saggy look of cellulite. Most cellulite treatments are applied to the surface of the skin. Only Cellulaze directly attacks the root of the problem, underneath the skin.

The Cellulaze Procedure

  1. Dr. Schneider will mark the treatment areas on your body with a marker
  2. A local anesthetic is applied
  3. Two tiny incisions are made about the size of a pen head
  4. The Cellulaze laser is inserted into the incision and pushed underneath the skin, where it stimulates collagen production and pushes fat out of the incision

body-liftThe entire procedure should not take more than an hour and a half. After the procedure, there may be some bruising or discomfort . You may need to wear a special compressive garment for a short period of time. You will be able to resume normal activities in two days or less, including strenuous activities in one or two weeks after the procedure. Improvements will continue for up to twelve months.

Clinical studies show that 93% of all patients were highly satisfied with the results a year after a single procedure. These studies also show that Cellulaze makes skin both 25% thicker and more elastic by 29%. No other cellulite treatment can make the same claim.