Mommy Makeover

shutterstock_95587966Most women are aware that their body goes through significant changes after childbirth. Although nothing can be sweeter than being the bearer of nature’s most wonderful gift, the physical changes that come along with having a child can be challenging. After giving birth, a lot of women try to resort to their old lifestyle to restore their pre-pregnancy figure. Sadly, not all post-birth changes can be eliminated without the help of a professional.

How to regain your pre-pregnancy figure

If you want to regain your old figure and recapture your self-esteem, then a mommy makeover in Joliet may be the answer for you. Dr. Schneider practices at Artisan Plastic Surgery and has performed many procedures that aim to provide women a way to improve their physical appearance. These procedures are sometimes combined to help address several issues and ultimately help women meet their aesthetic goals.

So when is a mommy makeover in Joliet needed?

After birth you may have noticed changes to your breasts. Compared to their usual perkiness, your breasts may appear saggy or droopy now. You may have also noticed the skin in your abdomen area is starting to loosen. Bulges may appear regardless of the amount of time you spend exercising. Stretch marks are another notable change that many mothers are longing to get rid of.

Dr. Schneider is an expert who can help you beat the less than pleasant side of motherhood. During the initial consultation, she will assess your needs while providing you with a personalized treatment plan.

In order to deliver the best results possible, we have a variety of procedures carefully developed to fit your personal needs. The goal is to bring back the contours of your body and give your skin a fresh look. This brings patients a new found self-confidence that will help you pursue your day to day chores.

Dr. Schneider recognizes the fact that every woman has unique needs. Taking this into consideration, she will create a customized plan to give you the best results while meeting all of your needs and expectations. The recovery period depends on the nature of the treatment and the number of sessions it takes to complete the procedure. To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact Dr. Schneider today.