Dr. Schneider is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering a variety of services including rhinoplasty in Joliet. Artisan Plastic Surgery is dedicated to helping people like you get the best results when it comes to plastic surgery procedures.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Many people live their entire lives unhappy about the shape or contour of their noses. You do not have to be another victim. The nose is such a central focal point of the face that even small changes can make a dramatic difference in the way you perceive your overall image.

Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty?

There are many reasons why a person might consider Rhinoplasty beyond the obvious injury situations. Some of these reasons include:

  • A nose that is too small or too large
  • Unhappiness with the width of their nose
  • Downturned or upturned tip
  • “Hook” nose or bump in the nose bridge
  • Crooked or asymmetrical slope or bend to the nose
  • Breathing issues associated with the nasal structure

What are my surgical options for Rhinoplasty?

RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, is a closed or open procedure depending on the problem to be corrected. Open Rhinoplasty, allows the doctor the greatest visibility for fixing whatever the problem is for your particular case. Open rhinoplasty, involves an incision right across the septum (the tissue between your nostrils). On the other hand, closed Rhinoplasty is performed via incisions made within your nose, thus making scars invisible from the outside.

Neither surgical option is necessarily better than the other. The procedure being used is a decision you must make with Dr. Schneider after an extensive consultation. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages, but the best option for you will depend on what you are hoping to achieve and your personal nasal anatomy.

Expected Results

The goal of Rhinoplasty in most cases, is to provide the patient with a more symmetrical face by adjusting the proportions of the nose. However, swelling may take up to a year to fully dissipate. Rhinoplasty results are permanent and even minor changes to the cartilage over the years will not be noticeable.

If you are considering Rhinoplasty near Joliet, contact Dr. Schneider of Artisan Plastic Surgery for a consultation today.